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Prieteni, va propun sa meditati zilnic la unele lucruri care ne pot face viata mai usor de trait, mai usor de acceptat. Va invit sa iesim cateva minute din vartejul strsant al zilei si sa ne impacam cu noi si cu Dumnezeu. 28 Mai "Viata este grea. Atunci cand am inteles si acceptat acest lucru, viata nu mai este grea. De fapt nu mai conteaza." Scott Peck - Meditation from The Road Less Traveled 29 Mai "Viata este o serie de probleme. Ne plangem sau incercam sa le rezolvam?" 30 Mai "Fara disciplina nu putem face nimic. Numai cu ceva disciplina punem rezolva cateva probleme. Daca am avea disciplina absoluta, am putea rezolva toate problemele." 31 Mai "Problemele fac diferenta intre succes si esec. Ele solicita curajul si intelepciunea noastra, si mai mult decat atat, ele crează curajul si intelepciune" 1 Iunie Instrumentele disciplinei sunt metodele prin care trecem prin durerea provocata de probleme în asa fel incat le rezolvam cu succes, si in acelasi timp invatam şi crestem. Cand invatam ce este disciplina, invatam cum sa suferim si cum sa crestem. 5 Iunie Timpul petrecut de parinti cu copiii lor le arata acestora din urma cat de importanti sunt cu adevarat. 8 Iunie Poti rezolva orice problema daca esti gata sa dedici timpul si energia necesara pentru acest lucru.

Lumina luminează în întuneric şi întunericul n-a biruit-o.

Lumina luminează în întuneric şi întunericul n-a biruit-o.
Ioan 1:5

sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2007


"But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold. For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They had no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong. They are free from the burdens common to man. ...It was oppressive to me till I entered the sanctuary of God. Then I understood their final destiny." (Psalm 73) Here is the spiritual biography of a man who struggled thirty centuries ago. Yet, it's amazing how modern his sentiment is. Then, a thousand years later, Jesus comes with promises that are beautiful and appealing. But, you say they have not worked out for you as you thought they should. You, also, are painfully aware that your feet are slipping. You have come to God's house and are not sure you will find anything to steady your feet or meet your needs. There is a hunger, a need...and where can you turn? What was it that came so close to tripping the man in the text above? He was perplexed by God's order of things. He was taught that the good prospered while the wicked went against the wall. Didn't Job's friends ask, "whoever suffered being innocent?" and did not the disciples ask Jesus regarding the blind man..."who sinned, this man or his parents?" Have we not been taught that God rewards us for our goodness? Why then do I have financial difficulties, sickness and family setbacks? It's as if God does not care for my loyalties. We play the game according to the rules and apparently lose. Then the author found a gripping conviction that steadied him. What was it? He had exaggerated the prosperity of the wicked. They prospered only in inner real joy. Their prosperity was fleeting. Who will own it tomorrow? Now, he came to realize his own wealth. There is God's constant presence. A mother and child walk down the street. When crossing, the child reaches up and takes the mother's hand. These things are discovered when the Psalmist goes into the House of God. In sunshine, in shadows, when blinded with tears, when making our last mile God satisfies and our feet are steadied. Charles Jackson Fayetteville, Arkansas

vineri, 8 iunie 2007


"We cannot attack these people; they are stronger than we. ...We seemed like grasshopper in our won eyes, and we looked the same to them. Wouldn't it be better for us to go back to Egypt. We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt." (Numbers 14:1-4). I almost did not write this article because it is so negative. On the other hand, the Ten Commandments have seven "nots". Here is a story of a people that threw away its chance. God had trained Moses to emancipate these people. They were brought to the borderland of their dreams. God wished them to go at once and possess the land given them. Then, they appointed a committee. That alone is usually the death of any project. The results were bitterness, disappointment and confusion...for a generation. This story is common. Israel failed because they had no faith. They had a better eye for the difficulties than possibilities. However, faith is the forerunner of every accomplishment. A ship is going to pieces in a storm (Acts 27). 276 men have given up. A little Jew steadies himself upon the deck and, above the wind, cries "men, be of good cheer...for I believe God." (v. 25). Finish these words of Jesus...."if you say to this mountain....". The way we feel about ourselves is everything. People who think they're grasshoppers, act like grasshoppers. There was a man who went to a psychologist saying his brother thought himself a chicken. The Dr. told him to simply tell the brother he is not a chicken. He said he had thought of that but they needed the eggs. Be sure of this, whatever you think of yourself, your associates have already joined you in the estimate. That generation of Jews were not willing to fight. They wanted the land but not the trouble. Every worthwhile goal comes with a corresponding price tag. In the main, we can all have what we are willing to take. But God has little patience with triflers. Once in the Bible we find the Lord disgusted. It was not with the adulterous woman, not money-grubbing Zachaeus or etc. It was when the Lord looked upon a company of people that called themselves a church but were luke-warm and goody-goody. "I'm about to vomit you up." We cannot grow a mighty redwood tree in a coffee can or float a battle ship in a birth bath. If we win mightily, we must believe mightily. Charles Jackson Fayetteville, Arkansas